Jesus was the fortunate one to make this interview with one of our favourite female voices.

We were totally mesmerized. Our experience with Kari was awsome, like most of our encounters with artists. She seems to be a very nice person, veri accesible too. We had a lot of technical troubles and finally get into a short interview, but a very nice and simple one. Hope the conversation was as fun and intimate as we felt it.

As you know, after some efforts with Sony in Norway, Kari decided to go by herself and established in London making Pilot, and then this Other People’s Stories album changing from Metal at her beginnings, to Folk at her solo first efforts to some sort of classy pop at this latest album.

By the way, her voice and accent through the phone also wraps around you, hear and check how cozzy a conversation with her could be. Enjoy!

Please forgive us for some interruptions to Kari during the conversation (nerves again) and also for such a short interview and the respective errors (“Mesmerizing” album, instead of Mesmerized and so).

Here it is. Hope we can transcript it soon.